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Lloyoll Custom Building, with 13 years of construction under its belt, is proud to introduce its new subsidiary, Lloyoll Built, an innovative building solutions company.


Lloyoll Built Announces Strategic Partnership With
East Coast Modern

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Lloyoll Built will focus on modular construction and prefab living spaces. We are forging a strategic partnership with East Coast Modern, a Halifax based architectural firm that specializes in modular design.


Lloyoll Built has set up shop in the Port Mersey Industrial Park in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. This 20,000 square foot facility is certified to CSA standards. This designation allows us to ship structural products at various levels of completion to any destination in Canada. This designation will allow us to ship structural products at various levels of completion to any destination in Canada.


While modular construction is not a new concept, our approach is fresh. Our projects don’t travel on an assembly line, rather they are hand built by highly skilled craftsmen. This model gives us greater control and offers the opportunity to use custom products unique to each project. Our building environment is climate controlled as is the storage of our material, protecting your investment from start to finish.


We bring the craft and workmanship that is synonymous with Lloyoll Custom Building and the distinction of world class architecture to your project. Whether it's a customized modular home, a mobile office space branded for you, or wall panels with various assembly options, we offer both quality and all the advantages of a controlled, efficient production facility.


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East Coast Modern has developed several base models and Lloyoll Built has worked closely with them to offer predictable pricing. Those clients looking for something different will have an opportunity to work with architect Nicholas Fudge, of Nicholas Fudge Architects.

Visit eastcoastmodern.ca for more information on Modular plans and prices.

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